Daniel J. Sullivan, Esq.
Principal and
Sole Proprietor


Law School Admissions Confidentiality, Sullivan Law School Admissions Consulting

Law School Admissions Ethical Issues

1. Sullivan Law School Admissions Consulting LLC is in the business of, among other things, advising as to the appropriate content of answers to application questions, and of editing the written work of applicants. It is not in the business of writing answers to those questions. It knows of no consulting operation that is in the business of doing the latter. Virtually all law schools end their applications with a decree, which all applicants must sign, swearing that the application is the product of their work. While advice and editing does not violate that decree, complete substitution of another’s work would. Sullivan Law School Admissions Consulting LLC will not participate in such activity.


2. Sullivan Law School Admissions Consulting LLC offers utterly no guarantee of admission to any particular law school, or to law school at all. It knows of no consulting operation that is capable of doing so. It “knows” no one at any school, and is capable of making no secret phone calls or the like on any client’s behalf. All it can promise is to make each application the best it can be.


3. When you engage Sullivan Law School Admissions Consulting you will not enter into an actual attorney-client relationship, but at all times it will be treated as one for the purpose of your confidentiality. Every document you show Dan Sullivan, every document he shows you, every word you utter to him and every word he utters to you – even the very fact that you are a client of this company – will be considered by him to be privileged and will not be disclosed by him to anyone: not guidance counselors, not pre-law advisors, not law school admissions directors, not other clients – no one. Of course, the attorney-client privilege is a “one way street,” and can be waived at the discretion of the client. Thus, you may reveal any or all of this information to anyone you want, and you are encouraged to do so to parents, to partners and to other advisors, for the purpose of obtaining a second opinion or otherwise.