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LSAT Medians Coming Down

Following up on my earlier post here on falling bar exam passage rates (“Sure You Want to go to Law School”?), I thought I would pass along some information I got today about falling LSAT medians, which the author identifies as one of the causes.




I have known about falling LSAT medians for quite some time, and have used them as a basis to advise clients to be more ambitious about where they apply, but the two charts in that author’s post shocked even me. I dug out some ’08 numbers and compared them to current ones and although the top schools’ medians are down only a hair, when you get down below T20 or T25, the drop off is significant.


This is good news for those looking at less prestigious schools, of course, and certainly for those who might not otherwise get admitted anywhere, but do watch out for the “siren song” element of this phenomenon, which I addressed in my earlier post. Especially for this latter group, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.


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