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Law School Admissions Consulting Pricing 

Law School Admissions Consulting Pricing information. The cost of all services provided by SLSAC is $250 per hour for the first 10 hours, and $100 per hour for each hour thereafter.  The typical client requires between 10 and 12 hours of consulting time per season, but any amount of time can be purchased, and many seek advice of short duration as to only one or two segments of their applications.  Each client who purchases 10 or more hours of service during an application season will be provided Waitlist Service later that spring and summer for free.


All hours must be paid for in advance, and most clients purchase time in 2 hour blocks.  In any event, money paid for any time not ultimately used will be refunded in full. Clients sometimes ask to buy 10 hours in advance for fear of being “frozen out” later in the season by oversubscription, and can feel at ease doing so given this refund policy, but they need not.  I structure and limit my client list such that any client who buys even a small amount of time will have unlimited additional service available to purchase throughout the entire season.