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law school admissions step by step with Dan Sullivan

Law School Admissions Consulting Services

Getting into Law School

Getting into Law School can be a challenging proposition.  Choosing the right Law School for you is even harder.  Take the time to read my step-by-step advice on Law School Admissions.

Law School Admission Step by Step

Early in your college career, engage Sullivan Law School Admissions Consulting LLC and get advice on how to get in to law school, with such topics as the best majors, the best extracurricular activities, and the best jobs, internships and other worthwhile activities to enhance your appeal to law schools.


As the time to apply approaches, get advice on whether law school is the best option for you, on which laws schools are best for you, and, of course, on all aspects of your law school application, including the all-important personal statement, which is essentially, and will most certainly be perceived by the lawyers who make up admissions committees as, your closing argument to the jury after you spent four years (or more) building your “case.”


After the initial decisions are announced, get advice on which law school at which you were accepted is the most desirable, on applying for and negotiating financial aid, and, through the summer if necessary, on managing your position on wait-lists.


We will advise you wherever you are. Although Sullivan Law School Admissions Consulting LLC is located in the Boston area, you need not leave your room to avail yourself of these services – and applicants from throughout the country, and even other countries, do – as this consulting takes place entirely by telephone and the internet.