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Submit Those Law School Applications!

Happy New Year everyone.  I am sorry that I’ve been out of touch with my blog, but as I am sure you are aware, the last two months or so have been extremely busy in the law school application business.  I advise my clients to submit their applications as early as possible.  Besides having good numbers, or “vital signs” as I call them, admission to most schools requires that you have something special.  Well that something becomes less special very fast if the law school has already admitted one or two people with good vital signs and your particular special thing.  If you’ve got good vital signs and you’re captain of the varsity hockey team, or a world-class ballerina, then you’re in, unless they’ve already admitted into what would have been your class a captain of a varsity hockey team or a world-class ballerina, then you’re not.  That’s a bit of an oversimplification, but not if you’re a 170/3.6 with her heart set on Harvard.


They say in law that first in time is first in right, and sometimes it gets that practical in law school admissions.  So get those applications in soon.  At SLSAC, I advise more particularly to set a self-imposed deadline of December 31 (and under no circumstances start the Spring semester without having submitted). My congratulations to all of my many clients who followed this advice.  Now, enjoy the new year, and good luck.


Dan Sullivan

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