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Law School Admissions Testimonials

Here are some of our Law School Admissions Testimonials from our clients.


“I had a college admissions consultant and I remember being frustrated because all she talked about was deadlines, and which forms to fill out, you know, just how to apply.  Sullivan goes right to how to get in.  It’s strategy, strategy, strategy.  And I got in, to my reach school.” Dave, Chicago


“My parents hired Dan when I was a freshman, and he guided me through everything, extracurriculars, courses, teachers, everything.  His advice through the years was always spot-on.” Nengyi, Singapore


“Dan was great.  It was like having my own lawyer.  He was all about spinning what I had into things that appeal to admissions people.  It was great working with him.” Karen, New York


“Sullivan quickly became like a mentor to me.  I’m now in law school, my first choice thanks to him, and I touch base with him from time to time.  I always get a message back, with encouragement and great advice.  At no charge.  He’s a great guy.” Kim, San Francisco


“SLSAC was incredible.  Dan gave me advice about persuading people that I had not seen in any book.  Both my parents are lawyers and they sat in on a long conference call with Dan.  They said they expected just guidance counselor type talk, but quickly felt like they were dealing with a very sophisticated peer discussing high stakes litigation.” Kevin, Washington, D.C.


“Dan doesn’t waste time, but he will always listen to ideas and explore every possible angle to increase my chances.” Kathy, Atlanta